Monday, January 11, 2010

moving electronic house to

Is like moving house for real.

For ages, you're looking around for the perfect place. You dream up a tiny cottage by the beach with a huge, ocean view and long stretches of road with hardly any traffic. You think you'll find something in your price range and that it'll come up just about the time you're going to be ready. You start getting ahead of yourself and picking out the drapes for your new place and wondering if you should put the hammock in the dappled sun or the dappled sun.

Eventually, however, reality kicks in. You look at your bank account and wonder in fact if you couldn't just stay in the old place a little longer. And by the time your lease totally runs out, you realise you've been to sixteen open houses and you're about to start settling for the rented back room in someone else's Craigieburn Mc Mansion.

Similar things are happening here in this blog - I am, after some long consideration, moving away from Blogger and trying to upgrade life in helmet-land to WordPress. This is, for my skill set at least, equivalent to not only moving house but deciding to rebuild your newly purchased "renovator's dream" with negligible carpentary know-how.

So, the house is a mess, half the floor is ripped up and I'm about to have dinner on an upturned cardboard box table but you are totally invited over to see my new home:

BYO overalls.