Sunday, December 20, 2009


Whenever I have been lucky enough to visit Vanuatu, I have always found their casual Franco-tinged farewell, "Allez Tata", to be such a lovely, gentle way to say goodbye. But somehow the Polish seems more appropriate.

Because sometimes - nah, many a time - you've gotta watch people leave your life. I didn't know you long, and I didn't know you well but whatever the circumstances I have to take my hat off to one fierce rider: Sabrina - helmet or no helmet, you're an inimitable woman. Ride safe, wherever you go.

(Image from the equally inimitable Andy White. Who makes everything on a bike look purdy. Don't fear that my photography has improved. It hasn't. I wait for the day when I will have a talented ninja-photographer sidekick who will ride along with me in my bike sidecar and he will take photos of you all riding your little bikes and making your little handsignals and I will just wave regally as we pass by.)

1 comment:

  1. thank you!
    will ride safe and i hope to see you one day soon
    and will never forget to ride in a helmet!
    /love Sabrina